Welcome to Conductors LL,
One of the things I have learned as a member of the Conductors and the greater Leather Community is that it really is more than community or brotherhood, it is family. It is my goal as President to expand this feeling into our local LGBTQI and fetish/kink community. The Leather Club community is strong and provides a base to reach out into the bigger world that we exist in and it is my hope that we can achieve this. The Conductors base work has always been to give back to the Community in Middle Tennessee with an emphasis on helping those with HIV through Nashville Cares and our Charity funds, the Floral Fund and our PWA funds. Our purpose is to help fill in the gaps of federal or state funding and help those in need maintain their lives with dignity and hope. With the help of our Home Bar TRAX, the local community, our leather family around the country and you, we are able to say yes when a request for funds come to us. We are proud that in the 36 years of being the Conductors we have never had to say no to a request and will continue to help others through the generosity of our family. I would also like to thank others in our local community CANVAS, STIRRUP, BLU GENES and our newest bar PECKERS for all they have done and do for our community. I am thankful for the Mid-America Conference of Clubs for the knowledge and history they bring as well as the family they have become to me. As we head into 2018 and our 36th year I look forward to growing the Conductors as our Community grows and am looking forward to our first “camping” Leather Run at Whispering Oaks Campground and Retreat, Track XXXVI “Into the Woods”.
Always in Brotherhood and friendship,
Kelvin Amburgey-Walton

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